Sunday, February 26, 2012


so yesterday i got my hair done. it was much needed. my last haircut, besides the DIYs i've been giving myself for the last, oh, six months? was in august. my poor strands! do you notice something a wee bit different? it's dark... well, the top 8 inches at least. i was going for some ombre.... you know, drew barrymore hair? i promise it is there, unfortunately i am an awful self-portrait taker. the fourteen year old i used to be who would change her msn messenger picture twice daily would be super disappointed.
guess what else i did this weekend? BOUGHT FOURTEEN POUNDS OF APPLES FOR 12 DOLLARS!  do you know what kind of a steal that is? i love bountiful baskets. i've already eaten five apples since yesterday morning. life is good. 
you know what else is good? the oscars... and the fact that i haven't seen half the movies. i tried to get all educated on the movies this weekend, IE i just really wanted to see the artist, but it isn't playing anywhere in utah county. boo. i'm rooting for midnight in paris and the lady from the help. obviously my "educating" did a lot of good :) happy sunday.

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The Ball Babies said...

I love the hair! So pretty! And those apples. Oh, my! Do you have some wedge swiss cheese to dip them in? Yummm.