Saturday, February 25, 2012

indian food extravaganza.

britni is my life twin. when i think of our relationship, i liken it to this graph.
funny and true, right? but in all actuality, we really do like a lot of the same stuff.... indian food being one of them.
today we planned to go on a hike. we went a good 1/4 mile before we decided it was too cold and decided that eating in a heated restaurant would be much more fun. plus eating at new restaurants is one of my goals of 20 before i'm 20. win win! we went to bombay house. in fact, we were the first people there, basically standing at the front door waiting for them to open at 4 pm. yes, we're old ladies. yes, we're fine with it.


i'm the kind of person that looks at menus before going to the actual restaurant. i like to scope out my options so i don't go into menu hyperventilation mode once i get to the actual restaurant. too many options paired with a hangry attitude is never a winning combination. i was stoked upon looking at the menu because there was a whole section labelled "vegetarian/vegan" beat still, my heart. i ordered the tofu vindaloo, which is tofu cooked with tomatoes, potatoes, onions, ginger, spices... good stuff right there. britni got the chicken tikka masala. we piled it all on top of jasmine rice and sopped up all the sauce with naan bread. for fifteen minutes of eating all was right in the world. the fact that our waiter brought us our food and proclaimed it "ready for the beautiful ladies", a lively bout of bollywood music playing over the speakers, and the legit turban another server wore just made it an all around good time.
i foresee more trips to eat more indian in the near future. i also see my kitchen smelling like garam masala and being "that roommate". it's fine!
see you soon, curry.

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emily scoggin said...

by "that roommate" did you mean me?