Sunday, February 12, 2012

saturday and my quest for a donut pan.

okay guys, remember how i said i was going to take a picture every day of 2012? fail. the topics got suuuuper lame... like "button" and "sun". no thanks. too much work. oh, and over half of my pictures from my phone got deleted. boo! i don't even know where they went, but it cut me deep. anyways, i'm sorry to all my picture a day fans out there... but not really. i could probably count you on one hand.

ANYWAYS. want to know how my saturday was? wonderful. thanks for asking.
i made oatmeal and discovered the best combination!! while your oats are cooking, mash half a banana into your oats, add a dash of cinnamon and a little coconut milk. eat it with sliced bananas and a dollop of peanut butter, which gets all melted in and delicious. it is wonderful
i went to spin. remember how i talked about my gem of a spin teacher, rona, the walking talking tabloid who wears fake hair pieces to class? believe it.
i grocery shopped and bought myself vday chocolate. it's my favorite past-time, lately, actually. i could sit in the chocolate aisle for days picking one out, but this one was a good choice.
i went to the bball game! byu creamed pepperdine. i took no pics because my phone was busy being dead. then hailey came to town from slc! we played around and burrito-toasted at mountain west burrito. man, that place makes a good vegan burrito. (vegan week is still going strong, my friends... but i miss eggs. and yogurtland.)
afterwards i told her about my 21 things list and she agreed to help me out. we decided on the donut activity. don't worry that we spent the next hour going to FIVE different stores looking for a donut pan. at 8:55 i called michael's crafts to see if they had one in stock... success! but they were closing in five minutes. i sped. we ran inside and they turned off the lights on me. i found the pan, though AND used my 40% off coupon. victory is sweet.
we made vegan donuts. so wonderful. i gave them away. they were appreciated.
we played bananagrams with more friends. we watched larry crowne and i fell asleep, so i naturally had to watch it again today while i painted my fingernails all festive-like.
you'll have to wait for that one, though.
listen to this in the meantime.


The Ball Babies said...

I want to know what the love note inside the chocolate bar said! :) By the way, how do you get those pictures of people without them knowing you're snapping away? Your spin instructor was oblivious!!!

Melissa Cole said...

you eat pregnant people oatmeal!! haha for reals that is in my prego diet plan section of my birthing binder. only I have to put protein powder and molasses in mine. for the iron. You're making me