Friday, March 30, 2012

a little friday afternoon check in for thee

oh hey there.
if you were at my apartment right now you could find me sandwiched down in between my couch and coffee table, laying on my stomach on the floor. . you see, i've kind of developed a "lay on the floor" obsession as of late.

so it's the last day of march. the month flew, no? my family came to visit last weekend. i took near no pictures... and the ones i did try to take were mostly of my brother's hand as he tried to get out of the frame. boo! what did we do in the five days they were here? we ate! we partied! we drove to salt lake and got a flat tire in the process and checked out the new city creek mall. everyone owned a pair of pastel jeans. i wouldn't mind someone buying me a pair. (teal please!) i carted my entire family to mountain west burrito and decided a party of about 20 is too many for that place BUT it was still so delicious and i can't recommend the roasted veggie tacos more. i did a lot of homework while everyone watched dumb tv shows that were strangely intriguing. (my strange obsession, anyone? i didn't even know infantism was a thing! google it.) it was a fun time!

as far as other things. hmmmmmmm
eat this cauliflower. seriously! then roast some sweet potatoes. i might be obsessed.
general conference is this weekend and i'm going. and i have tickets this time, so no standing out on a street corner begging for tix.
my birthday loot consisted of a new blender, a pizza stone, sweet kitchen measuring gadgets, and a cookie scoop. 20 going on 51! hi ya. 
two more weeks of school. i am so happy, as this semester is meh.
i need a vacation. today i want to go to canada. that place just really intrigues me. today my co-worker told me that she just bought tickets to the calgary stampede, which is evidently a big deal in the rodeo world. yeehaw!
weekend! let's get it. 

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Diana Cook said...

Ummmm can we please buy matching TEAL pants??

I already have a teal backback, teal shoes, teal iphone case, teal shorts...haha. i heart teal