Monday, August 10, 2009

Chain Gang

The other day my good cousin Shaun declared through his facebook status that there were 19 days until he is headed to BYU. Commenting on that, I told him that he should make a paper chain to make the time go by faster! I love paper chains SO MUCH. The best chain I ever made was this one: A countdown to the end of school... made on January 8th. Could you tell I wanted to graduate? ;) All the best ideas come at 1 AM, let me tell you! After making this and telling my whole senior class about it, I commonly was asked how long the chain was, how many more links there were, and how I became such a genius. (ok, I lied on the last one.)
Other chains I'll always hold dear to my heart are the "days until Summer School is over" chain and various Christmas ones. The art of the paper chain is wonderful. You can physically tear the days away, relieve stress, get a visual of how much longer you have to endure waiting, and be crafty at the same time! However, Shaun did not share my enthusiasm for a paper chain... in fact he didn't even know that what was.
What are they teaching those New Mexicans?! I was concerned for poor Shaun. Paperchain crafting is a definite life skill that ranks up there with making peanut butter & jelly and tying your shoes. So, I made him this.
Much to my surprise, Shaun was more that eager to make his own chain after watching my tutorial. What can I say? I inspire people. HA.
My virtual chain.. t minus 16 day til college


Melissa said...

martha stewart, eat your heart out

The Ball Babies said...

Wow. That was sooo cool! I hope Shaun appreciates the time and effort spent in preparing the tutorial! Seriously, though, he had never even heard of a paper chain?!?! Come on...