Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Week

I'm in the midst of a lazy Sunday. Like most people, I've done most of the common Sunday tasks: skyped, slept, gone to church, and just kind of sat there.... thoughtless. Well, I was basking in the glory of the latter activity just now, when I realized I was staring at my desk. It's a messy one, I will be the first to say it, however, it is my way of being creative for the day.... so bear with me :)

1. Macbook. This thing deserves to be called by it's name- it is anything BUT a computer. In fact, I've finally a name worthy of this creation: caM. (Like Mac backwards, get it?) I thought I was pretty clever. Anyways, he's been the vehicle for a lot of enjoyment in his short life, already. Like I've written in earlier posts, my favorite thing to do lately is skype, and without caM, i would be up a creek. skype, facebook, for textbook searching, and icalendar are my favorite things to do on here, lately.

2. Job Schedule. This week was my first one in the setting of a full time job- well, almost full time. I worked about 32 hours this week, and most of those hours were put in while the general populous of the people my age are still sleeping; in fact, most probably had just gotten to bed. I had the "opportunity" to work early at 5 one day and 6 other days, and that meant getting up much earlier to shower, eat, get dressed, and sometimes do a combination of the three :) Despite my complaining, however, it's been a great time! I like the people I work with, and I am turning pro with a dust mop, know how to operate a burnisher, can sweep stairs with keen precision when using a "disney set", and I am getting better at getting my time stamp straight when I punch the clock. (It only ended upside down once, and that was at 5 AM!)

3. Class Schedule. I love these classes, and I check it about every day to see if I can fit in a yoga or pilates class between work and sleeping. Yoga is definitely one of my favorite things to do lately. It's so calming, so relaxing, and I feel pretty cool because not only can I touch my toes, I can place my palms on the ground. Ohhh yeah! Ha but yeah, I have been going to that little Gold's place every day that I can, and I've been working out every day, which is quite an accomplishment for me. It would for you, too if you had my motivation.... my mother weighs less than me, and that is wrong.

4. Antonio the BlackBerry. What a trooper this phone has been, but I'm not here to talk about him. He's just the vehicle for me to chat with Diana! My best friend is now a Wildcat at the University of Arizona- a whole 734.5 miles away from me. Sigh. Oh well, she is going to make SUCH an impression during Rush this week for her new sorority life. :) Go get em Diana!

5. Book List. The time has come... I have to buy my books for all my classes, and if you know me at all, you'd know how much I dislike spending money... especially when it's on a 100 dollar biology book. Honestly? Haha well, also if you know me, you know I can usually find ways around spending all that money I don't want to spend in the first place. (Pretend that makes sense!) I found my America Heritage book on ebay for 15 bucks, and I'm bidding on other treasures as the days go on. I am on a mission to spend less than 200 dollars on books!

6. Yes, that IS wart remover :) Long story short, I have a weird wart on my leg I am trying to get rid of, and my Mom said it was too expensive to get removed at the doctor. So, I am taking matters into my own hands. Wish me luck!

7. Missionary Letter. This was Skyler's last letter to me in the MTC... now he is off, away in France. It is so weird, thinking my friends are off in foreign countries serving missions! I love it when they send me letters and e-mails. I live for Eric's Wednesday letters!

8. Penny. This penny represents how poor I feel. Money runs through my hands like water these days- I've started trying to budget and track my money, but it's so HARD!

So, that is that. I have to work tomorrow at 6 AM, so guess I'd better be getting to bed! The end.

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The Ball Babies said...

I would like to Skype with you one of these days too. And right now, I'm pretty sure I weigh more than you...