Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wisdom Wednesday

There are many rites of passages I have passed through the last few weeks of my life. For instance:
I just bought my first textbook on ebay. (15 dollars, baby!)
I went bought my own groceries and realized how expensive my favorite foods are. (A pesto mix for 1.50? Oh please!)
I went to a student ward game night with my college friend... (willingly. yeah, I know.)
I used my real credit card for the first time. (And then got scared, so I went right home and paid it off )
And I have experienced the beauty of the SKYPE HYPE!
WW23-Have you experienced Skype?
Well let me tell you... it keeps me up at night with it's greatness. Basically I can talk to all my friends back home on my computer in the comfort of my bed, see their faces, and discuss pressing issues without having to stress my thumbs with texting, and I get to see their faces! It's great. I love it. I love  technology. Find me and we can talk! 

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