Monday, August 3, 2009

Just Waiting For My Confirmation...

Move in to Utah- check.
Find a job- check.
Buy my all Sports Pass- CHECK.
That is right, friends! I am now a ticket holder to all BYU sporting events for the 2009-2010 school year. It is fantastic. 
I don't regret paying 30 extra dollars for amazing seats my cousin pressured me into buying. 
I don't regret that I took a gigantic leap of faith, and know virtually no one in my group, so now I keep getting facebook friend requests from all these random BYU guys who I will be spending much time with come fall! (I will just keep praying they are not creepers)
I don't regret that I had to spend the last hour refreshing and refreshing and refreshing my page to get my ticket order to work. Why? Because it is going to be just that great. 
I will be so close I will be able to hear the crack of bones and the snap of the ball.
I will be so close I will be able to witness every pained expression on the players' faces. 
I will be so close that a few drops of player sweat might just reach my arm a time or two. 
There are T- 22 days til college. CAN'T  WAIT. 


Lindsay Lou said...

Did Chandler get you to buy them?

Alyssa Ball said...

haha no it was actually Shaun Parkinson I've got tickets with him and a big ol group