Sunday, January 31, 2010

a neutral day

began the day by waking up without an alarm- plus
lost buddha at the gym- minus

went to the Utah game and BYU prevailed- plus

worked for 3 1/2 hours post-game, sweeping. seriously, do people have seizures when eating popcorn? I am beginning to wonder... - minus

finding 5 dollars while trudging through Marriott muck- plus

having to walk home in the snow and being too lazy to change out of my wet jeans now- plain pitiful

and tomorrow is SUNDAY though so I don't have to do anything. glorious!


The Ball Babies said...

So sorry to hear about Buddha! Drat. Someone at Gold's probably found him and wondered to him/herself, "Who the crap is this weird little dude?" If they only knew... Sorry about that. Hope you had a glorious Sunday doing basically nothing! See you on Friday!

Lindsay Lou said...

oh too bad about Buddha. How long have you had him though. Maybe he got reincarnated ( that was one of Buddha's teachings right?) or found enlightenment! Haha I crack myself up. But seriously, it looks like you had a neutral day just like an UNCHARGED OBJECT! hahaha i am so funny. I'm sorry though but we get to come see you soon! love ya

- oh and kourtni just made fun of me by saying "only smart people can go to heaven!" when i wrote this. i dont know really

Angie said...

"seriously, do people have seizures when eating popcorn?"
I don't know why I thought that was so funny, but when I read it I suddenly couldn't resist a laugh.. out loud. and I'm all by myself in a sitting area at school.. so I can't imagine that I looked anything but crazy.