Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Is Risen

What is a girl to do when her roommates are all MIA over the Easter/conference weekend, it's the off-Sunday meaning no family dinner, and her friends have Easter commitments?
That is the thought I pondered all this morning as I was watching General Conference and ate all the Peeps and Cabury Mini eggs I wanted.
However, while feeling increasingly bad for myself, I found these pictures online, and I was almost brought to tears as I recounted the reason for this holy day.
With the help of MSNBC. com, I found photos from Easter celebrations in
And once again I was brought back to the reason for this day. How no matter where you are or in which life situation you find yourself, he knows. He understands, he cares, and he is there.
Happy Easter


The Ball Babies said...

Oh, Alyssa! I'm so sorry you're all by yourself on this Easter Sunday! Too bad we couldn't have stayed one more day to be there with you. Just think, this is making you a much stronger person. We love you! Your Savior and Heavenly Father love you and know what your needs are. I sure hope you're enjoying General Conference. We miss having you here with us and feeling your presence and sweet spirit.

Have a good day! Love, the people who love you the mostest! Mom, Dad, Kourtni, Lindsay, and Payton.


D said...

You are wise beyond your years dear friend

The friend that loves you the mostest!
Diana :]]