Thursday, October 7, 2010

Anita & Alyssa Cook

So I guess all that studying paid off, because I definitely did better than I'd anticipated on my test. Maybe I won't fail out of BYU :)
After I finished my test and classes I went home, texted Anita, and I celebrated the only way I know how. I cooked. 

Because Anita is in this World Religions class and has all these crazy assignments, for the next two weeks she is a vegetarian Buddhist Monk who has to omit preservatives, meat, sugar, and salt, does meditation every night, and has to be silent on Thursdays. Naturally, she came to me with her vegetarian questions. :) (And probably just because she knew we'd cook together haha) Anyways, my foodstuffs are running low, so this week we just whipped up some raw food fajitas. Real easy, real simple, real delicious.

1 red pepper and 1 yellow pepper, thinly sliced
1 onion, diced
1 T garlic
some mushrooms, sliced
lots of EVOO

sautee all that together and just try not to die of the delightful smell... heaven is gonna smell like onions and garlic. I know it.

oh, and we made some beans too... my roommate Sam makes the best ones, so we just modified her version, with no sauce or cheese because Anita can't eat processed things, and she hates cheese... basically we were left with a pot full of refried beans and a little milk mixed in. it was real good.

Serve in heated tortillas with cheese, beans, and veggies. (and the secret ingredient to great fajitas I just didn't have tonight- slices of potato. Divine.) Oh, but I forgot one thing. Anita definitely couldn't eat my whole wheat tortillas because they have some preservatives in them, so I had the bright idea of frying her up her own tortilla... basically that meant just mixing wheat flower and milk, then frying it in olive oil. She thought it was a success... only did I mention she couldn't talk to me the whole time because she has to be silent of Thursdays? She just made "mmmmm" noises the whole time. It was great :)

After a delightful din I was not done. I was on a cooking rampage, and I had peaches to use, thanks to Ashlee and Jake and his mom's wonderful peach tree. Kelsey cut the peaches, I mixed the ingredients, and we made this Thank you, smittenkitchen. I am such an addict, and I am converting the roommates to the world of foodblogs as well...
Try it. It's real good. Alright folks, that's it. Til next time

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emily scoggin said...

THOSE BOTH LOOK KILLER we need to cook when i get back there!