Thursday, October 7, 2010

hello from Harold

This is me studying for anatomy in the library. At least I got a window seat.
I've got study hair. There will be no picking of split ends, no twirling, and no braiding. I've got bags under my eyes. There is no time to sleep these days. I've got an anatomy midterm I am feeling a little unprepared for... oh well, that's nothing 5 hours of studying before the 4 PM test deadline won't fix, right? RIGHT. (hopefully)
I just watched a spider crawl across my table, jump down to the chair, then floor, and then proceed to hop (yes really) across the floor and away from me. Intriguing. About as interesting as interstitial fluid. And simple squamous epithelial cells.
In time this too shall pass, right? (Heck- it's gotta be done my 4!)
One thing is keeping me going though- and it's called Friday Saturday and Sunday. This weekend the friends and I are St. George bound to stay in one of my friend's condo/timeshare/whatevers as our reward for a sufficiently stressful month of September. Can't wait!
Okay, the break is over. And sorry me and Anit didn't cook last week. or this week. But today we shall, so don't touch that dial.

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Diana Cook said...

I feel you woman, I feel ya.
I've got 4 midterms...oh, count them FOUR midterms next week. Seriously? On top of all the other other HW and such. At least it's conveniently spread out, one on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
So I took drastic measures and de-activated my facebook (temporarily of course), taking away the temptation to waste time...though now I like checking my email every 30 mins as a substitute. Hopefully that helps!
Anyway you're going to have soooo much fun this weekend and it will make all this studying worth it!! This week is Family weekend so EVERYONE's parents are here...except for a few people's...AKA mine. Ohhhh well. Ha and I haven't really gone out with friends these last couple of weeks just because I'd rather sleep due to lack of sleep deprivation ha. Oh, did I tell you what my Grandma told me? She told me I had to have more FUN in my life while I'm still young and not work so hard. Uhhh... I think that when your own Grandma has to tell you that, you're pretty much pathetic. Goshhhh. hahah.
Okay well apparently I'm also substituting this for fb and using it as a nice little wallpost. I'm gonna stop now. GOOD LUCK STUDYING!! I'm sure you'll do great :]]