Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ay de mi

(that's a lot of spanish which basically translates to oh my goodness gracious)
Anatomy lab is over. OVER I TELL YOU. forever.
I wish I had kept track of all the many hours I spent in there over the course of this semester poking things with a metal probe and reusing gloves so I wouldn't have to spend 25 cents on a new pair. (yeah, I know it's gross and yeah, I know my roommates hated me for leaving them on the kitchen table. oops)
I learned a lot, I probably did a little less than mediocre on the final, but heck. When there is a little metal pin in a tangle of arteries, veins, and nerves, everything kind of starts to look the same and you're tempted to write smart aleck-y things on your paper.
Anyways, yeah. I'm outta there now and plan on never going back. It was real, it was fun (lie) but it was definitely not real fun my cadaver friends. PS. I will not miss your smell.
Thanksgiving might be over, but the thankfulness is not.
Day 29- Lysol wipes. Well, I came back to Provo greeted by much sickness. My wonderful roommate Sam  came down with the flu, Jordan had a bad case of feeling just plain crappy, and Pat had this weird cough sickness thing, and much to his dismay I was not about to come very close. Sorry buddy- I cannot afford for one minute to get any sickness. Needless to say, I am thankful for the power of Lysol! Especially the new kind, which have a scrubby side and just a smooth side so you can really tell those germs who is boss!
Day 30- Kidnapping food from my house. My mom is a champ when it comes to keeping a well stocked pantry... and I am a champ when it comes to cleaning it out and whisking it all off to Provo! Thanks Mom. :) All I know is between my cottage cheese the size of Texas and all my tomato soup, I have been a happy camper. Now we'll see if I can stretch it out til I go home for Christmas. :)

Well folks, I guess that concludes a whole month's worth of Thankfulness. It was a real pleasure thinking about all the great things, people, places, etc etc in my life because I don't do it enough, and I could probably go on for days more about all the other great things I've got and don't deserve, but there are many more Novembers. Now it's off to clean the kitchen and win the semi finals of intramural soccer.
I'll let you know how it goes.


D said...

Okay so random buttttt....
i had tomatoes and cottage cheese as a "healthy" side in my dinner today.
AND I was just telling my friend Sam how I want to change my major to being a doctor and I really wish we could be in a class where we cut people open (AKA your cadavers) instead of preparing budgets...i think it would make life that much more exciting.

That's my two cents. K now off to study some Islam. Byee

The Ball Babies said...

Oh, how I hope you don't get sick as well! You've been lucky not to have been ill while you've been at school without your moma to take care of you! :)

Keep Pat at arm's distance while he's sick - he should be used to it since he spent 2 years staying arm's distance from the female variety! (You can tell him I said that!)

Good luck in your intramural game and let us know how it went!