Saturday, December 4, 2010


I love Shutterfly.
They email me with great deals on different photo projects multiple times a week, have great projects to do with your pictures, and they've done it again with an offer you just cannot pass up.
So you've been thinking about doing Christmas cards, yeah? Well Shutterfly is offering 50 FREE CHRISTMAS CARDS to those who just simply do a little bit o' bloggin' about their offer. Boy oh boy I just about jumped for joy when I saw this offer and the fabulous selection of cards they've got here on their site. Me and the roommates were thinking about getting some cards made to send to our families, friends, missionaries, etc etc, and the great cards on Shutterfly really sealed the deal. I mean, who can even think about passing these up?!
Shutterfly has so much to offer when it comes to the ways you can actually USE your pictures instead of just letting them sit on your memory card. They have tons of projects, and you can really let your creativity flow through all the different options they have for styles, patterns, and templates. My favorites are the calendars because making and giving these is truly something you can enjoy year round.
I was just giddy when I saw the variety of holiday cards they have to offer, too! Me and the 'mates might not be as cute as these kids, but I think our faces will look nicely right down there! We've taken lots of good candids over the semester, and I just love this card because it's a little less traditional, and a little more me! 
Thank's Shutterfly!!
Now head on over to this page to start planning out the best Christmas cards of your life! And don't stop there! Shutterfly also has a great selection of thank you cards for after the holidays, and wall art to enjoy year round. Now get on over there and make some magic!


The Ball Babies said...

Hey, I was going to do this too, but I'm too lazy to actually blog about it. Good for you though! I hope I get one in the mail..

Kelsey Ann said...

Hooray for free Christmas cards!!! I'm so excited!

Kelsey Ann said...

Yay! I love free Christmas cards! Thanks for hooking us up girlfren