Thursday, November 18, 2010

bounteous thanks

Day 17- Work lunches. Work is great for a couple of reasons, one of them being the bounteous amount of food readily available every day... one of the few perks of working with mainly women! When we have those dreaded staff meetings they are always counteracted with saintly drug reps who spoil us with all kinds of great selections of food. Plus it's less groceries I have to buy for myself :) Thank you UVP.
Day 18- Harry Potter. I may or may not be wearing Hogwarts garb right now, sitting in Anatomy lecture, and wishing I could fast forward to tonight. Midnight premiere. So excited. The mates and friends are all going and celebrating Potter-dom and I can't wait. This weekend was strictly devoted to watching the movies and preparing, and I think we're ready. I'm so thankful for my friend JK Rowling and her literary skill.
Here I am, sitting the library studying for my Psychology test, but mostly just wishing it was 12. PS I found my new favorite place in Harold... the isolation desks. No more will my studying be side tracked by my love of people watching. Oh, and my tie definitely says "I Love Dad" in little print all over (thanks Kels) and I learned to tie it on youtube getting it right on the first try. Booyah.
and now..... TELEPORT back to class :/
and watch this


Britni Ward said...

Lyss- you are such a nerd.
But....I love you.
And....that youtube clip made me laugh a lot.
Thanks for the laugh, and being a nerd :)

Britni Ward said...

Lyss- you are such a nerd.
BUT...I love your nerdy-ness
AND... that youtube clip made me laugh out loud.
Thank you for being a nerd and making me laugh. :D
Hope you have fun with your friends tonight!

Kelsey Ann said...

Hahahahaha I didn't see this post before, but I'm glad I got to now!! I am glad that I was able to lend you the tie for the day ;)