Monday, November 15, 2010

a whole lotta thanks

well, not that much I guess, but a weekends worth.
Day 13- hair cuts. I never know just how bad my hair looks until I get it done and it looks about tenfold better thanks to the miracles of Aunt Teressa. She is the best. She fits me in when I inconveniently pull the family card and try to get me to fit me into her crazy schedule, and I will be forever grateful. Thanks Teressa!
Day 14- texts. I am not so much of a texter. Sure, I will do it, sure, I like seeing the little blinky red light on my phone, yeah, I will reply if you send me something. However, my phone is always on vibrate, usually burrowed in the confines of my backpack, and getting me to answer a call is more a game of Russian Roulette. However, sometimes my family texts me and I really like it. We don't get to talk much, so when we do I like it. Thanks technology.
Day 15- the ginormous apples I  got from Walmart. Yep, I admit it. I did grocery shopping at WM the other day when me and Kels had to run over there late. I figured I'd kill a couple birds with the WM stone, so I did a little shopping, and it was fruitful. (punny) I bought all these apples that are so delicious that they're already about gone. Usually I have to ration apples out so that they last me a week- I would eat them all in one day if I could- but I have done no rationing this week, so tomorrow my oatmeal will probably be kind of sad without an apple mixed inside. Thanks Walmart produce.
Now on to a week full of fun and excitement... well basically just excitement for Harry Potter. Thursday cannot come any sooner!

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