Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anita & Alyssa Cook

and other thankful musings.
We came, we cooked, we conquered.... Tomato Soup.
here it is.
And, yeah, it was pretty good but I've had better. I usually mark the deliciousness of a recipe in terms of how much was left over. In this case, I'd say it was more than usual. Oh well- lunch today, tomorrow, and forever. Maybe I just wasn't hungry because I made this wonderful guac while I was waiting for Anita to make her appearance. Oh my gosh it was good. Where have avocados been all my existence? Far too many have not been in my stomach, I do know that.
Anyways, Day 3 thankfulness- today I was thankful for the best fall weather you could ever ask for to grace Provo. The sun shone. I like that. These days are going to dwindle into the depths of winter and overcast, so I was real glad for the 50ish degree weather for one more day- and all the leaves and color.... because oh, this place to going to too brown too soon for too long. 

Day 4- I'd say I am just really thankful for close parking spots at my apt complex and my mad parallel parking abilities. While some pay 80 bucks to park below Liberty Square, I get my parking for FREE (and we just won't count that parking ticket incurred last week by the Provo Police... but that is a story for another post. Let's just say the PP are a thorn in my side) and sometimes I score some right outside my door. Maybe I'll change my tune in the dead of winter when my car is nice and frosted over all the time though. Meh- we'll cross that bridge when we get to it :) 

and now it is off to class. let's see if I can keep my eyes open today

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The Ball Babies said...

Hey, we've had avocados in our life your whole life! I don't think you were ever interested though...pretty good tasting, eh? Love 'em!

Love the pretty Provo picture too! Lovely!