Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

the day that trumps all days to remember what you're thankful for- it's great, isn't it?
Day 24- Macy's card. I never go shopping, mostly because I hate it. However, we were dropping Lindsay off at the Mall Wednesday, and I had boots on my brain, so I thought heck let's kill two birds. We went in and stayed for 5 hours. Yeah..... too much mall time? For sure. However, I did find the boots of my dreams. And I'm only writing about them because I got a killer deal thanks to opening up a Macy's account thank youuuuu debt! (And thank you mother for enduring the mall time I know you love so much!)
Day 25- On the coldest Thanksgiving of my life I am thankful for heat. My my my I don't know why the Abominable Snowman had to run through Idaho with such force, but I guess we'll deal. I'm thankful that although it feels like it is 30 below in Boise, it is nice and toasty inside my house, the shower is hot enough to burn me when I jump in, and Dad warms up the car for at least 20 minutes whenever we have to go anywhere. Thank you modern technology.

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