Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mom says I'm slacking

so this is for her.
Day 19- Winco and their coupons. So last week I went out to check the mail and I stumbled upon the huge stack of coupons we get in our mailbox every week... mostly the only thing we ever get in our mailbox, actually. However, instead of just tossing them all in the recycling bin like I usually do, I sat down and sorted through them. Then I discovered a gem of an ad. Why a gem? Because everything on it was FREE! Winco was giving away free oj! english muffins! eggs! cereal! bacon! (nope, I did not get the bacon sadly) I went to the store as quick as I could picked up all my freebies nice and shamelessly as I threw all my coupons at the checker. Thank you Winco. I love you. (And I may or may not have eaten three English muffins that day)
Day 20- My wonderful roommates. Kelsey, Jordan, and Sam are the best roommates and friends a girl could ever ask for. Kelsey decorates. Jordan cleans. Sam fills the place with the sound of her beautiful voice. I mess it all up. Anyways, I came home from a marathon evening of Marriott Center cleanups Saturday night (yep, I still do that) and Kels and Jo had decorated the whole place for Christmas and it was just great. I don't like Christmas pre-Thanksgiving most of the time, but they made it all work. These girls better never plan on getting married because I like living with them too much.
Day 21- Little Antonio. In a world filled with touch screens and apps I stick with my little old battered and bruised blackberry. He is the best. Although everybody makes fun of him, he makes a high pitched screaming sound instead of vibrating mostly, and he's a little slow, Antonio is the best phone of my life! I've never had a phone as long as I've had him, and although he probably will give up the ghost soon, I will be forever grateful for his messaging abilities, Brickbreaker, and alarms. Thanks Antonio.
Day 22- Not dying through a blizzard. So yesterday Jill and I had to drive home to Boise through a blizzard/white out where we saw 12 slide offs/accidents within 2 hours, went 30 mph on the freeway for a good 3 hours, and almost got sideswiped by countless semis who enjoyed spraying us with snow as they ruthlessly passed me by. I. Hate. Snow. HATE. Do you understand me? It was cold and snowy, my windshield wipers sucked and I just wanted to pull over (but I was afraid I'd get hit) but in the end we made it to Boise despite the longest 8 hours of my life! I'm just grateful for my car making it, my mad driving through a blizzard skill, and Jill keeping me from going crazy.
Day 23- HOME! BOISE! I really just love being home. I like that my mom makes me food and takes me to the gym in her warm car. I like that Lindsay cleans her room for me and changes her sheets and keep that bloody cat out. I like that the dishwasher works and the water gets hot fast (so fast that I burn my hands every time) I like randomly running into high school friends at the gym and catching up a little. I like watching Kourtni sit on the couch dressed like a crayon eating a carrot whole. I like eating oatmeal with my mom while facebooking side by side. I really like home. I'm really thankful I get one week of this- thanks, Idaho.

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Alyssa Ball said...

Thank you for catching up! I love having you home and can't wait for cooking with Mom on Wednesday! Woo hoo! A post of our own!