Friday, November 12, 2010

tee gee eye eff

Work all day makes me happy to come home... and what is my perfect way to spend a night such as this?
I'll give you one guess. Cooking
I made this for dinner and all I know is that I see lots more of it in the future. Vegetable minestrone. Here's the recipe minus all the squash and zucchini and kale and other rich people ingredients I did not own.
anyhow, down to the thankfulness.
Day 11- the Latin Provo scene. On Thursday night me and my friend Pat went to this hole in the wall El Salvadorian restaurant called, "El Salvador". It's run by a family straight out of the country who hardly speaks any English, but when we got Daisy, our waitress, talking in Spanish... well, she just doesn't stop! Go there. This is what we ate: They're called Pupusas, which is basically corn masa filled with cheese and beans or pork or whatever you want. They make your stomach and your face smile. This is why I love Provo (whoa did I just say that?) There are so many immigrants and opportunities for my Spanish. It's great.
Day 12- FRIDAYS. I basically wrote it above, but I am so grateful for the weekend. I'm thankful that Jordan doesn't have any class so she usually cleans our apartment, that curfew is longer, and two days of bliss are always ahead. Plans for the weekend? Endless french toast at Kneader's, Harry Potter marathons, hair cut, Spain Reunion, cooking with Anita, and a negligible amount of homework.
And it just came to my attention that I'll be home in nine days.
Paper chain? maybe :)

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Jillian Rue said...

I went to that Salvadorian place on a date once! Remember the guitar player? He took me there, and we had papusas or whatever you call them. They were SO AMAZING!