Wednesday, December 8, 2010


if someone would have told me I'd write a 6 page analysis of Spanish literature in Spanish at the beginning of college, I probably would have laughed.
(but most likely cried) And I am just proud to announce that I DID IT and it's done and I didn't procrastinate, and that's just one more thing that is outta the way between me and my Christmas break.
Mmmmmm smells like gingerbread.
and here is a list of random thoughts on a night such as this:
Provo decided to get all nice and lose the snow this week. What's up with that? Not that I'm complaining, but really?
I didn't fail my anatomy final. It's hanging on the fridge serving as a good dose of motivation for the next week. (oh boy, do I need it!)
Kelsey and Sam are going to London on study abroad. I am so excited for them and their European adventures because I am kind of a Europophile. I just love Europe. A lot. (but mostly Spain)
We are in the process of making our free christmas cards from Shutterfly. Hallelujah it's kind of exciting.
Tomorrow me and Pat are going to Brian Reagan and it's going to be fabulous.
I can't believe Christmas is sneaking up so much. Last night we had an FHE Christmas complete with Christmas sweaters and a whole lotta cheer. Our family is great.
And currently I am what one might call obsessed with red pepper tomato soup. And no, I did not make it. I simply dump it in my bowl and heat. Ahhh it's good and fast and easy and tasty with string cheese.
That's all. Time for more homework!

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The Ball Babies said...

Now that's a FESTIVE sweater picture! haha
You'll have to tell me more about red pepper tomato soup - sounds delish!

Good luck on the rest of your finals!