Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas break... in numb3rs. (heh)

one fabulous time in Boise meant:
one huge chunk of my hair burned to a crisp by a very hot straightener. (probably in need of one haircut)
one of the best books read. and two more to go before class starts up again... hunger games. so fantastic.
one perfect pesto pizza made on Christmas eve.
one whole season of modern family watched in one day. (record? probably. it is just too funny!)
one patriarchal blessing received finally!
one too many cookies eaten.
two trips made to the dollar movie meaning two huge bags of caramel corn eaten before both movies started.
two new mattresses for my sisters.... meaning no bed for me. three great nights on the couch!
two recipes tried out of one new vegetarian cookbook. mmmm it's a good one.
two married friends kicked out of the VVC. so good to see my high school buddies :)
three basketball games and choir concerts attended. yep i have talented siblings.
four eyes. (next week the glasses come!) i spent a good two hours at the eye doctor picking out the perfect specs to fix the problem these huge pupils in my eyes cause.
four trips out to the mall to do christmas shopping/returning. the boise town square mall and i have a love hate relationship. the good deals are the love. everything remaining is the hate.
four days spent alone in my apartment til the mates get back... there is not one living soul in all of Provo.
five chickens in the backyard providing all sorts of great eggs I wish I had to eat in Utah.
six burgers from Red Robin and a family night out. (thank youuuuu giftcards.)
six people jumping around in the living room whacking each other in the face playing the best game ever. Just Dance.
seven (billion) texts sent to my favorite boy in san diego. (sunday sunday sunday)
eight hours of sleep achieved nightly. mmmmm
nine AM workouts almost every day at the best gold's gym in the country. I wish I could have fit that gym in my suitcase.
ten minutes it took me to unearth my car from the 6 inches of ice and snow that covered my car upon arriving back in Utah.
countless pictures taken, times I laughed, times my mom and I stalked people on facebook, and times I realized how great I had it. Thanks for the good times, Treasure Valley and my great family. Love you :)

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The Ball Babies said...

I loved the way you summed everything up! What a fun, though normal, Christmas vacation! NExt time we should venture out and go cross country skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, bowling, etc. Or we could do the very same thing we did these past two weeks - basically nothing - and still call it fun and good!

I hope your remaining days by yourself go super fast! Loves to you! Muah!