Monday, December 27, 2010

today has been swell.

I feel like I have so many posts to post. So one at a time, here we go. Let us cover Christmas 2010. Boy howdy it was a good one. If there is one word I could use to describe the day, it would just be normal. We kept our traditions alive, and spent Christmas Eve in the following regimen:
made and delivered various treats/gifts
making pizza (pesto this year. We're getting fancy :)
hitting up the lights at the Capitol and Bayhill Springs (they're getting kind of lame, Way to go, Bayhill.)
reading Luke/ The Living Christ
and then going to bed.
 I like normal.
Christmas day went the same way. We woke up at a record breaking 8 AM (usually it's 5/6) and spent the morning digging into the gifts under the tree. I keep seeing all these pictures people have been posting on facebook about Christmas and these huge parties, dressing up, etc etc etc, but to put it quite frankly, my family is a pack of bums on Christmas. We mostly lay around the house all day, Dad enjoys wearing every article of clothing that was under the tree for him in one fell swoop of an outfit (quite hilarious, I must say) and mostly we don't brush our hair or anything all day. That is why there are like no pictures on here of Christmas day. They may or may not make your eyes bleed. However, this one was just too precious not to add. A box hand picked by Kourtni with ol St. Nick holding a precious kitten. I just love cats.
To our delight Santa ended up paying us a visit, and he must have mixed up us and the good Ball children somewhere else in the US, because we got all kind of stuff we definitely didn't deserve. Payton got Wii games and a new wardrobe, Kourtni and Lindsay made killings in the clothing/footwear department, and I am now the proud owner of more clothes and a new phone. Antonio was great, but Antonio II is closely becoming near and dear to my heart. :) He's a 4G Mytouch and I am already somewhat attached.
The rest of Christmas was jolly as well after the gifting subsided. We went on a brisk walk, stuffed ourselves full of dinner, then ate more caramel corn and diet Coke at the movies that night, prefaced and followed by Just Dance, the best WII game ever invented, and then the best movie I have seen in many moons: Babies. It is the best. Watch it. You won't be disappointed.
Anyhow,  it was fantastic. So normal, so familial, so homey. Happy Holidays 2010, and only 363 til the next one!


The Ball Babies said...

I love normal and I also love being a bum on Christmas. It rocks.

Britni Ward said...

I am an expert at being a bum (and dressing like one), because quite frankly....I love it. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. R.I.P Antonio

Kelsey Ann said...

Hahaha I told my mom the story of you wanting to buy a kitty scratcher today! I love your Santa kitty picture :)