Friday, December 17, 2010

i've been away too long

and I know it because I just looked out my backyard window and saw that the tree we bought as a twig all those years ago is probably the size of the one in Rockefeller Center. what happened?
The flight home was wonderful. much better than any old drive would have been! the flight from SLC to BOI is wonderful because you basically ascend into the atmosphere, stay there about 10 minutes, and then it's back down and you're descending into beautiful Boise! I do love it.
I seriously love Christmas break already. I have nothing to do. NOTHING. When Pat asked me what I was gonna do over break, I told him I was gonna read and sleep on my couch. Well people, I accomplished both those things yesterday- I read one page of Hunger games and was out cold. I like it.
As for finals, they went meh... they're over. I think I slid by with some pretty average grades but whatever I NEVER HAVE TO TAKE ACCOUNTING AGAIN. That is truly a Christmas miracle.
I feel like I should do some kind of first semester recap of all the great things that happened... okay you talked me into it.

Anatomy and feeling smart when I hear the doctors saying smart doctor-y words at work.
Me and Pat's really great dates.
Living with great people.
Cooking with Anita
Chase Baker and his wonderful shows.
Going to St. George and leaving Happy Valley.
Dinner parties and other gatherings.
Working a great job.
Lots of other things.

4 tickets in 6 months. 2 speeding, 2 parking. Honestly UPD. Get off my case.
Liberty Square Maintenance. Pretty sure we spend a good half of the semester living in darkness. Seriously, how many maintenance workers will it take to screw in a lightbulb?!
That's really all I can think of.

Alright, well guess it's time to play carpool again. Since I'm home all the sibs just think they can make me come pick them up whenever they like. And I do. I'm whipped.

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