Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas

We bear testimony, as His duly ordained Apostles—that Jesus is the Living Christ, the immortal Son of God. He is the great King Immanuel, who stands today on the right hand of His Father. He is the light, the life, and the hope of the world. His way is the path that leads to happiness in this life and eternal life in the world to come. God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son.  -The Living Christ

I really like Christmas. And this video I found today when I was playing "spy on Spain".
most of you won't understand it. watch anyways.

Merry Christmas. Feliz Navidad. May your holiday be happy and joyous, may your heart be light, may all your troubles be out of sight. (& may Santa bring you everything you asked for. :)

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