Tuesday, December 14, 2010

the pirouettes on the counter are tempting me.

ohh the many joys of finals week.
Three are finished, leaving the two scariest ones in my path: Accounting and Spanish Literature. ay ay ay. This semester I've tried the "pull the bandaid off as quick as you possibly can" approach, meaning minimal studying and hoping and wishing and praying for some decent grades. so far, so good.

I wish I had something more interesting to say.

Oh, oh I know I know. I get on a plane for my own house in, oh, about 42 hours. That's pretty neat.
I got a parking ticket for parking over 12 inches away from the curb on Sunday morning. Not so neat.
It was Kelsey's birthday yesterday and we surprised her at Gateway Friday and it was fantastic.
I watched Julie and Julia last night and wished I had more time to cook this week. Not so fantastic.
There has been an avalanche of baked goods which have made their way to our apartment this week. Great for the taste buds. Not great for the waistline. However, during finals week calories do not count.
The weather has been in the 50s this week, and the tepidity is just fantastic. I love not being able to see my breath.
Liberty Square is the dumbest. Why? We have cleaning checks on Friday, meaning NO ONE will be here, meaning if they fail us we don't have any time to fix our mistakes, so they will just charge us 30 bucks. Tyrants.
HOWEVER the semester is almost over and I leave on an airoplane so soon I should almost be packing. That brings true joy to my heart. K time to get back to the managerial financing and whatnot.

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Kelsey Ann said...

I feel like copying and pasting this post on my own blog. AMEN to all of the above!