Saturday, April 30, 2011

i bought my first pair of scrubs today

i put them on after work and then never wanted to take them off again. where have i been the last nine months and why did no one let me in on the biggest secret to comfort?
sometimes my job is a funny place. being summer and all, i tend to be there a lot, so consider this the first post of many on the subject.
this story is based on actual events.

the more i work, the more i learn about people and their strange quirks/ ideas about disease/ and general paranoia. when people come to my desk to check in their child, and i click on their name and often times a flasher will come up, telling me they have a credit, balance, special instructions for scheduling, etc etc. basically we know more about people than they think, and sometimes i wonder what my face does when i find some of the more interesting notifications. like this one.

"SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: Do NOT give out any information to mother if she calls. She is not to know any of child's information. If any records are to be given out, caller must use code word. The code word is 'rumplestilskin'"

upon reading this i had to make a conscious effort not to fall off my chair or laugh hysterically. just when you think you've seen it all...

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