Wednesday, May 4, 2011

what i've been up to

first off, happy birthday to the best little brother ever
seems like just yesterday the secretary was interrupting our bus ride to the botanical gardens when i was 7 to announce that i had a new baby brother. what good times it's been since then. happy 13th little paytey. i love you.
i think it is safe to say it's finally spring.
at least, that is what my sunburned shoulders are telling me. today i finally reconnected with some great provo trails and it feels so nice to get off of university blvd and onto dirt! our moab relay is next weekend... hopefully i am ready. and if not, well at least i can enjoy the scenery while i walk!
life is great. without the weights of school and homework my days have been real stress free and somewhat lazy. waking up without an alarm has never felt so nice. i've been getting called into work quite a bit (yay money) which keeps me busy, but between the nine to fives, there has been a lot of empty space to fill.
voids that have easily been filled with trips to yogurtland, which takes the cake for the best froyo in ALL the land, trips to the grocery store with britni- it's great to have a kindred spirit who loves buying produce as much as me- bike rides and reading and "borrowing" music from the provo library. this week's hot items? the outliers on book on tape, he's just not that into you (don't worry, i read it in about 3 hours... seriously every single girl should read it. i've never seen the movie, so who knows if it's the same thing) and retrato en sepia by isabel allende. out of respect for cinco de mayo tomorrow i'm gonna get my spanish on and read it in it's native language. yeah, probably biting off way more than i can chew, but i am gonna try.
speaking of cinco de mayo tomorrow i am so excited to cook and listen to my marachi band music and wear my drug rug all while drinking mexican coke imported right from south of the border.
it feels good to finally have some semblance of hobbies again.
i went to scratch my forehead and found it caked in dirt from my run, oh 2 hours ago. time to shower. til next time!

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