Wednesday, April 27, 2011

one year ago today.

last year today i was touching down in madrid, spain, wandering off a plane drowsy and disoriented, sitting in an airport with 28 americans, who were more or less strangers, and was basically without an inkling of knowledge as to how much all the things i was about to experience would change my life, or how much i would miss it and all my friends from there today.
en cada cosita, en cada momentito siempre estoy pensando en mi país.

what am i doing a year later? nothing as interesting as losing my passport or eating albóndigas, but alas its a good life in provo. these days my life is just filled with good runs in prep for my red rock relay in moab with my family the 14th of may, (so excited!) covering shifts at work, and strawberries. i just completed my sixth move in two years, so no more good times at mansion 34. my new apartment is bigger, cleaner, and better but if i said i didn't miss sam, jordan, and kelsey i would be lying. however, living with some of my best friends from boise is pretty enjoyable, i must say.

it is somewhat strange to have no more school- i can honestly say i haven't have this little to do, well, since last summer. its funny how in a matter of days your thoughts can turn from finding time to study for five finals to debating which book you should read next, or if dinner should be pasta or stir fry. the break is much needed! now if only it would stop snowing in the mountains and act like spring, life would be even more wonderful. until then, however, i will be keeping the heat on.

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Diana Cook said...

Finally! I was waiting for you to post another blog :)
Miss ya my dear friend! Glad to hear all is well with you.