Friday, April 15, 2011

reading days daze

reading days are byu's version of spring break where we get 2 days off to study our brains out before finals start. on a saturday, mind you. they they go again, crackin that good ol' byu whip.
mostly i never study on reading days, but today went as follows:
8a- wake up. watch modern family. eat oatmeal with best blueberries in provo
930a- library with kelsey. 4th floor. tried to get excited about studying viruses, but could only think about spain and summer. curse you finals
11a- go to a scheduled physiology review, but seems like the joke was on me. i was the only one who showed up. not even the ta came! i perfected my resume instead.
1215p- head to the widtsoe to copy down all the microbiology tests to study off of. uuuuuuuuugh. sigh. choking sounds. i can't wait til saturday at 10 pm when mmbio 221 will be out of my life. FOREVER.
1p- lunch time. cottage cheese and asparagus pasta with ample salt and pepper.
2p- back to campus for another physiology review. this time i actually got some studying done.
4p- time to do laundry/borrow grandma's vacuum to clean out my disgusting car. one load of laundry takes 4 hours, seeing as I forget to: a. turn the dryer on and come down an hour later to still wet clothes and: b. turn it on and come down another hour later to find the dryer off and my clothes still wet. oh well, grandma made some killer peanut butter cookies and will farrell was hilarious on the office.
10p- gym time. i was supposed to go this morning at 630 to train with a roving trainer that tracked me down yesterday and said i, "looked like i'd worked out with a trainer before" good try, novice trainer guy. right after i agreed to a session (mainly to just make him go away so i could get back to looking like an idiot as i jumped up and down on a bench 20 more times) i realized there was no way in this world or the next i was getting up that early on a reading day. maybe if he would have been cuter.
i came home to boxes and bags strewn about the apartment. everyone is starting to move their stuff out and its weird to see so many blank walls.  mansion 34, your days are numbered.

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