Friday, April 15, 2011

the loser in the library

is ME.

you have gotta love finals week and all it entails, especially when your first final is on a saturday.
at 8 PM. sooooooo wrong!

so i am sitting here, in for the long haul. the lib is open til 2 AM tonight/this morning. hopefully i won't be here that long (shudder)

today at work there were only two doctors, which is great because that means less patients, but also a tad bit tricky because neither of them spoke spanish, and hey... when your office in located in a part of town where some of the billboards are in spanish before they are in english, you've got a problem on your hands.  what did that mean for me? lots and lots of spanish. i did three doctor's visit translations! three! i haven't done that many in my entire experience at uvp. it made me sweat, but it was great.

i can't wait for this weekend post test- one of my best friends, eric roisum, is hot off his mission in argentina, and its time for an idaho falls reunion! i can hardly wait to see all my friends and kick it just like the old days minus about 20 friends who are on missions. the 10 pm drive may or may not suck but i have a feeling with a bag of candbury eggs or coconut m&ms (or both) and pandora/this american life i will make it through.
the end is near!

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