Wednesday, April 20, 2011

this one's for all the marbles

one more final! if only physiology didn't require so much memorization i would just hop right up that testing center and pound it out. alas. this test is semi important and i don't think i can fake digestive enzymes. finals week this time around has been a breeze for the most part. solution to all your finals week blues? only take 13.5 creds. it works like a charm.

this weekend was fabulous. i took no pictures, which is very uncharacteristic of me, but i just never pulled out the ol lumix. next time! all you need to know though is that elder eric roisum is just as charming as ever, and he says we'll "be in contact", so if someone has a translator that will decipher that from missionary language to english, i would be pretty happy. i headed up to logan on monday after saying farewell to the windiest city known to idaho. or man. who knows. i'd never taken that scenic highway up through logan and down to slc, and man oh man it was a pretty sight. when coming through preston i did my best to look for napoleon dynamite. no luck.
a girl can dream.
seeing makel michael in logan was like a breath of fresh air on a springtime morning. she is hilarious and gave me a utah state air freshener. it smells great. sorry byu it's hanging in my car for the time being.

this week marks my 4 year anniversary of vegetarian, so naturally kelsey and i celebrated this yesterday with a trip to cafe rio.
actually we went there because neither of us have any food besides condiments, but hey. i just need a good reason to justify 7.27 on a bunch of lettuce. sweet, succulent lettuce with all the trimmings. i played fat kid and ate the whole thing.

also, lately it's been showering a lot, and not just the kind you learned about in 3rd grade studying the water cycle. all my friends are engaged or going on missions, so naturally it's been shower season. in the last 2 weeks i have been to three bridal/mission showers. (yep, they have those in ut) it's so weird to see all my friends grow up and get their marriage on, but the food is always so great and the company even better. as long as no one asks me to make a duct tape wedding dress i am a happy camper while i eat your cheesecake and ooh and aw at your lacy lingerie.
i definitely give the best gifts.
hannah looking quite posh in her new apron
yep, thats a box of lucky charms wearing a thong
it's a wrap. time to hit the books.

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The Ball Babies said...

I just want to know one thing...has he been "in contact"? Silly RMs!