Monday, June 20, 2011

the good monday

i really don't think here is anything much better than a day like today.

work was calm- again, people complimented me on my "hasn't been washed in three days" hair. i am beginning to think i should do this more often. and buy more bobby pins. britni and i discussed this the other day, in fact. we know it's time to break down and buy a couple packs of bobby pins/hair ties when we see them on the ground in parking lots and are tempted to pick them up.

my work out was fantastic- RIPPED is the best class at golds, hands down bar none. one day i will be able to do all sets, all reps, all circuits, yadda yadda yadda. i sweat like a beast and it's awesome. my legs burn and i sometimes almost fall of my bench. i highly suggest it. recently the gold's just a stones throw away from my house quit doing classes and dropped their prices, so it's a mad house in there every. single. day. what's a girl to do? go to a different gym, that is what! i've converted to gold's in orem and i don't plan on looking back anytime soon.... even if it's overrun with uvu kids who are usually just checking themselves out in the mirror and drinking their weird protein drinks between reps.

i am pretty much out of food... but i am going home on wednesday, so i figure, what really is the point of grocery shopping? however, with that said i did break down and buy apples and bananas on my lunch break. i am so addicted. sweet potatoes, steamed broccoli, apples, and bananas. those are the foods i am smitten by right now. anyways, i've been getting real creative with the leftovers. those are the best meals, i'd say... a burrito with an egg, random pico i made this weekend, and pinto beans, eaten standing up over my stove because i just couldn't wait? delicious, i tell ya.

only two days til i can go back to boise. oh i might have to start counting the hours. what am i most excited for? gold's temple. large counter spaces to cook on. sleeping in a huge bed. frozen yogurt. seeing the whole family. it's gonna be good.
can't wait to see these chilluns again

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Aly G said...

Okay Alyssa, you crack me up! You could seriously write books! You describe things so well, and I just love love reading your blog little niecey!! I have the same love for sweet potatoes, so does your little one year old cuz!! Hope you have fun in Boise! Give everyone xoxo's from me! Enjoy!!