Friday, July 22, 2011

ain't easy being green

i have hardly any apps on my phone. it is kind of pathetic.
however, i do use urbanspoon religiously. in fact, whenever i go somewhere new i am always urbanspooning to find out where the best place to eat is. 
it's both a curse and a blessing

anyways, san diego has about a trillion restaurants, so when i found a listing for a well rated vegan restaurant called "evolution" in hillcrest, i was stoked. i was so ravenously hungry and excited to eat, i didn't snap too many good pics. i guess you can say that when i am truly hungry, deliciousness of food is inversely proportional to the quality of my photography. 
or something? does that even make sense? i'm too tired and sunburned to make any sense!
anyways, i got a santa fe black bean burger full of lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeƱos, and guac with a side of sweet potato fries and homemade ketchup. my whole family came in to order with me. they all stood around looking all supportive and interested in the menu and food on display. it was a tender moment
 and then as soon as my order was ready they were promptly across the street ordering nice juicy burgers (that i am sure were definitely not grass fed) at five guys. 
and while they enjoyed their burgers, i hopped across the street to peruse through whole foods.
oh this family of mine.

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Britni Ward said...

that burger looks amazing. (Que mouth watering)