Thursday, July 28, 2011

to the best dog ever.

last night my parents had to put down our family dog, griffey.
as many of you know, i am not an animal person. however griffey was the only animal i'd ever touch without thoroughly washing my hands after. he was that great.
we got grif in the summer of 1996, right around the time we we acquired my sister, lindsay.
he had so much personality and spunk, yet was loyal and obedient and well mannered.
except when he peed on the flower plants. and the sides of the house. and children's legs. (kidding)
in these days, my mom simply referred to him as, "that damn dog".
it was endearing, i promise.
i remember him swiping food off the counter
inching onto the carpet and off his designated hard wood.
he'd climb up on top of the doghouse and bark early in the morning
ruin our trampoline cover when he jumped on it
jumped over fences
shrink at the sight of the broom. (no we didn't beat him with it)
and run away to visit neighboring girlfriends at the most inconvenient times.
he had the worst breath, and i was always yelling to have lindsay take him out.
lindsay was his best friend- this picture was swiped off her facebook.
he was obviously he had his moments, but we loved him all the same.
he was in our family pictures (to my mother's disproval)
was a loyal running companion and obedient "heal"er
in his old days, he was cute, senile, and lovable. he let damncat walk all over him, and they were friends.
grif, it was great growing up with you. thanks for being the best dog ever. we love you.


The Ball Babies said...

Oh, that was such a nice tribute to such a nice doggy. We know you loved him- just not his breath, peeing, barking, pacing, etc... haha Thanks for the memories of our dear old dog. :')

Melissa Cole said...

um he totally peed on legs. I am remembering a certain Brian Gabbitas who should have stayed home on bring your pet to seminary day.