Wednesday, July 6, 2011

"lighting! i'm obsessed with this summer."

is what my roommate emily exclaimed tonight upon seeing the flashes provo is rapidly becoming well aquatinted with this season. amen, sister.
rain=green=beautiful mountains=this place stays pretty longer.

this weekend i was once again on the road, but this time my little trip to idaho was in the opposite direction, over to idaho falls. my best frousin. (friend cousin, duh) just got engaged, so i just couldn't help myself. i just had to get over there, hear the story, see the ring, approve of the boy etc etc etc.
it was great. although it was good hanging out with the recent engagees, it was a little depressing to be reminded that most of my friends in southeast idahoare gone away on missions, to college, or other exciting summer destinations. so, naturally i did what any normal person missing their friends would do.
i hung out with their parents.

as for the new obsessions in my life? read on.
1. let's be blunt.

i got me some summer bangs, courtesy of the recent beauty school grad. ...still trying to decide if they make me look like i just got outta the sandbox.

2. cycling. this is my new favorite thing workout-wise. it's a pain in the butt, quite literally. it's changing the way i think about bikes.... like i didn't even know pushups on stationary bike were possible. 

3. utah changing their fireworks law. driving home last night on the freeway i had the best seat in the house! i think i saw every major firework display from brigham city to provo. ...however, i don't advise driving 80 and trying to watch fireworks in your rearview. bad idea.

4. the ominvore's dilemma. so for my entire 8ish hour journey this weekend i listened to this book on tape. it's so great. i am such a food science major because i really don't know anyone else that would enjoy learning about king corn and the problems processed foods, KFOs, and organic food regulations like i do.

5. my parent's trip to hawaii.
okay i'm not really obsessed with is so much as they are obsessed with sending me pictures of their fun every hour on the hour while i scan medicaid cards.
it's fine.

happy hump day tomorrow... even though i feel like tomorrow should still be tuesday. not complaining!

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The Ball Babies said...

Hey, I sent that picture! Just slightly obsessed with every beach, flower, lava rock, and sun drenched sky I can get.