Sunday, July 31, 2011

wedding weekend update.

i think i have attended more weddings in my short 20 years than most non-mormons attend in their whole lives.
such is the life of a provo-ite!
this weekend my good friend and roommate jordan got hitched. i've talked about her a lot on here- you probably already know her and that she got married. and that she likes eating peanut butter out of the jar. but that's beside the point!
jordan married stefan, a real winner, on friday, july 29 in the slc temple. it was a beautiful day, the couple was beautiful, and the cake was pretty much beautiful, too!
much to my dismay, i whipped out my camera to snap some paparazzi pics, and my memory card was nowhere to be seen. boo. i stole these from kelsey. she'll probably have a better recap in the next couple days, so go take a gander at her blog for more deets. anways, the wedding was real classy. instead of a reception in utah, jordan just had a dinner at the joseph smith bldg, and everything about it was phenomenal. mental note: skip the dancing and eat good food. oh, and make sure your aunt is an exceptional florist.
here we all are, minus sam, who is playing world explorer and galavanting around brazil currently.
here they are- mr and mrs stefan jimenez. in love and currently soakin it up in the cayman islands.
again, i can't get over kelsey's photography skills. congrats to the happy couple!

right when i got home from slc friday night i packed my bags, set my alarm, and at 5 am saturday morning i was on the road for home. why? wedding number two for mr and mrs eric story!
cloey hardy is one of my best friends from boise, and definitely worth the drive home! she was married in the twin falls temple earlier in the day, then made the trip back to boise for her reception later on that night. again, no memory card, so a phone pic will have to suffice. (i obviously should have brought kelsey...)
it was good to see all my friends at home, too... and ask all the married ones if they're pregnant yet.
tomorrow it's buh bye boise and back to provo until christmas. it's been great being home and making kourtni drive me around, cooking this, this and this, and getting family lectures on family finance on budgeting. ayyyyyy.
oh, and going on this run along the boise river. it's been a long time since i've run along this trail, and the whole thing just brought back memories of high school cross country and summer shenanigans.
 dirt! not cement! it was a good change from the concrete jungle that is university avenue...
 the rapids i never made it over without falling off my tube... and reminded me of the one instance one of my friends and i failed the rapids and ended up out of the river, tubes slung over one arm, running as fast as we could on the above path to catch up with skilled friends who had gone with the "every man for himself" mentality.
and the greatest high school hang out known to man in the summer. and the best point to jump into the river (when the cops aren't around, mind you.)

thanks again, boise! see ya when the weather changes.

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