Tuesday, September 27, 2011

tuesday things.

today was one of those days where everything is planned sun up to sun down... and i liked it. business for me equals happiness.

the highlight of my day was definitely trying to explain rectal stimulation as a means of relieving constipation to a mother with a two year old. with the help of wordreference.com, i think i got my point across ...was that in the job description? not so sure. however i don't think lunch and massages courtesy of alpine therapy is in the job description either, but it is definitely happening tomorrow anyways... did i mention i am a big fan of my job?

i was late for a meeting tonight because i went on a beautiful run up provo canyon and somehow i ended up doing 8 miles, all thanks to my new favorite android app endomondo. this app tracks time, calories, pace, distance, and has a robot that tells you your pace and time every mile. it is so great and addicting... and much cheaper than a garmin. i am in love. what did i do without a smartphone? ... oh yeah. i had to sing to myself and clock my distance with the odometer. that was fun.
i love fall.

i am obsessed with this banana bread recipe i've adapted from joythebaker. add chocolate chips and sub wheat flour. you will think you've died and gone to heaven... and the girls you visit teach might even let you come over.

i found new black suede steve madden boots at ross... and now i have buyers remorse.

this girl is getting married this weekend... my favorite cousin alexis! tomorrow i'm headed to idaho falls to bask in the wedding happiness and craziness. it is going to be a great weekend... i mean, when the weekend starts of a wednesday night it just has to be.

time to make the best roadtrip playlist on this side of the mississippi. 

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The Ball Babies said...

I love that picture of you and Lex! I'll see you Friday minus your dad-he can't come since he's the only supervisor there this week. Bummer.