Sunday, October 2, 2011

scenes from a wedding.

seth roth, i am just going to say it. you're a lucky man.
this weekend one of my favorite people got married- my best friend and sidekick, alexis murphy. it was beautiful. the couple was beautiful. the venue was beautiful. the flowers were beautiful. the guests were beautiful. even the food was beautiful.
i feel like i've been to a lot of weddings, but it's sort of weirdly different to have your best friend get married when you're single. however, i am so happy for seth and lex. they're both great people and perfect for each other. i'll miss the sleepovers in idaho falls and other shenanigans, but the fact that they're relocating to boise gives me one more excuse to drive down there every now and again.
congrats, roths! i love you.
ps. lexi, you will always be lexjmurf in my phone.
pps. please have some babies so i can be the cool aunt. (cousin?)


Samantha Kiser said...

Yay! this is great. I am so happy you posted pictures! she looked amazing. but what did i expect! you look great also! can we be best friends yet?

alyssa said...

she could have worn a paper bag to her wedding and looked better than everybody else! honesty. and yaaaaaaaaaah now that she's married i am in the market for a new bff. your application couldn't have come at a better time. i choose you!!

The Ball Babies said...

I love all those pictures! Even taken by a crappy camera!

[Lex] said...

Lyss, I love you! You will ALWAYS be my best friend. I love Seth but he can never replace THE ALYSSA BALL. LIke I told you, you are the most amazing person i've ever known. I will try to have some kids just for you! :)
P.S. I Love reading your blog ... like everyone else and their dog does! Yup, pretty sure I got that little saying from you.