Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the cocoa bean.

my cousin has a nifty job.
she makes cupcakes, wears neon shirts, and blasts music all day long at this cupcake shop in idaho falls called cocoa bean. last weekend when we were there we made it a point to pay her a visit and basked in cupcake glory.
mostly i try to deny the fact that cupcakes are pretty delicious, but there was no denying those mounds of perfect frosting. the pumpkin chocolate one was a great reminder.... as was the better than "whatever". (beating around the bush, much? haha)
and from the looks of these pictures, i wasn't the only one who enjoyed having their cake and eating it too. kourtni was getting a little out of hand. its fine.
there is definitely a cocoa bean in provo... i wonder if they deliver...

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The Ball Babies said...

What's that man's arm doing on my body? I mean seriously...Sick.