Monday, October 3, 2011

meet my newest bundle of joy

my heart is happy. my pockets are empty.
today i walked into best buy with a lofty mission in my brain.
 today i was defeated... by myself. and i was also victorious... over myself. win win? i hope so.
i am now the proud owner of a nikon d3100. (eeeeek!)
i've been in a battle with myself for the last six months over whether or not i should buy a dslr, parts of me thinking it was a great idea, other parts of me thinking it was an awful idea. however, the decision was set in stone this weekend as i lay on my grandma's floor, unsuccessfully attempting to edit blurry pictures taken from the wedding. my point and shoot was just not cutting it. i could hear pomp and circumstance playing in my head. it was time to graduate.
i thought about it all day at work, and right at 5 pm i plowed into best buy, my eyes on the prize. i bossily told the clerk what i wanted, quoted the exact online price, and within fifteen minutes the world was at my fingertips!! (for a small fortune)
say hello to my little friend.
i feel like a new parent. is this what it feels like to have a baby?
shooting practice starts tomorrow.


The Ball Babies said...

Oooooo, awwwwww! Lucky little skunk! I can tell it's going to be a great relationship and you'll make a wonderful parent to that little guy (or is it a girl?) Does that make me a gramma?


Diana Cook said...

Ahhhh so cool alyssa!!
Have you already decided on a name?