Thursday, October 6, 2011

some suggestions for you.

there are some serious things happening this week. 

if your area code is 801, you probably better be pulling out the sweaters and dusting off the snow shovels. utah is ridiculously funny... like i am pretty sure it was in the mid 80s on monday. now it's snowed past the y. i wonder if fall ever feels a little short-changed? the weather today made me pull out all the stops. i think it was completely understandable, too. ie fuzzy socks. heat on full blast in the car. leftover chili and cornbread. hoodies. google searches for sweet potato recipes and more soup. 
monday. 82 degrees
wednesday. 43 degrees.
when you ask a girl on a date, it's probably a good idea to not wear your favorite sweat pants. sure, i understand they are your favorites and your steelers sweatshirt your friend picked up at a flea market is screaming classy, but it does nothing but give aforementioned girl another good story for her date stories vaunt. lets just be real for a couple minutes. or a couple hours.

steve jobs passing led me to find this commencement speech he did at stanford in '05. that guy was probably the definition of real. it is what i needed to hear, and maybe what you need to hear too! (and makes me feel even less bad about being a college dropout.) my suggestion is to listen to it while folding your laundry. therapeutic! 

i bought peaches from a fruit stand... best peaches of my life. today i was feeling like a cross between a squirrel prepping for winter/hibernating bear as i sliced them up, doused them in lemon and sugar, and threw them in the freezer in preparation for the doldrums of winter and those days when you'd give anything for a ripejuicy. do you hear that? i think the fruit stand on 800 n in orem is called to you. 


The Ball Babies said...

Sooooo, you were asked on a date by a sweats-loving guy, eh? Be sure to tell me all about it! Please.

By the way, the new camera is da bomb.

Britni Ward said...

you are so cool.