Wednesday, November 16, 2011

good feeling 16

i'm kind of a spontaneous person.
it's both a blessing and a curse. virtue and vice. yin and yang.
i worked this morning, then after my shift i was supposed to go back at 5 to work again. i had 3 hours to kill so i up and decided it would be the perfect time to go to check out the new h&m in the mall like 30 minutes away. fashion place mall is plush- university mall palls in comparison and it makes provo towne center look like a straight up trailer park. 
anyways, so i went in. h&m was disappointing. it was so great in spain and here it is just a glorified forever 21. ah well its fine because i didn't have any money. (this is what we call foreshadowing. read on) next stop was crate and barrel and my oh my did i enjoy myself in there. ya'll can just give me that whole place for christmas because i want to live in there with all the le crueset bakeware and matching placemats.
i wander through lots of stores and around 4 decided it would be a good time to go back to work. my last stop was tcby... they have one there! and it's self serve! i was on cloud 9 with my huge cup.... until i reached into my purse to find my wallet and found it to be MIA. i told the guy at the counter to hold my yogurt while i went to my car to search for it because THEY DIDN'T TAKE CHECKS. wtf tcby! 
much to my dismay my wallet was actually not in my car.
much to my dismay my beautiful gingerbread and cheese cake swirl with a dollop of caramel yogurt topped with raspberries and strawberries is still sitting in the freezer at tcby.
much to my dismay my gas light was on.
much to my dismay i was supposed to be at work in 1 hour.

so i called britni and i cried a little. (embarrassing) that working girl had a date with downeast! i went to the gas station and begged them to take a check sans id because that was also in my wallet. they shook their heads woefully at me. i was straight up stranded in salt lake!
don't worry though, this story has a happy ending. 

day sixteen- kelsey called, and even though she had class, she drove out to meet me and bring my sorry self my wallet so i could get gas. seriously, she is the best and i owe her big. time. like a lifetime supply of zupas tomato basil soup or something. 
so i am all about learning experiences and what do we learn from this little story? a. keep your gas tank half full b. keep wallet on person at all times c. when at tcby make sure to stuff yourself full of samples because you just might have a freak accident resembling the one mentioned above. d. have a kelsey on speed dial. you won't regret it. 

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The Ball Babies said...

OH NO!!! That's awful! What a horrible feeling to have when you realize you are missing your moolah! Kelsey, you are a saint!!! So glad everything worked out for you but sorry your yogurt went uneaten...