Monday, March 19, 2012

21 things recap

its crazy to think six months have passed since i made this lowly but lofty list... but can i say i loved doing it? it was so fun to make small goals to work towards, do a little more service, and better myself in the doing. i highly suggest it, folks. you'll be seeing another round soon. 

twenty-one things:

learn to make one loaf of bread by hand.
i attempted this one... it didn't raise. bread hates me.... but then again i didn't say make bread "successfully". yeast-1. alyssa-0. it'll happen though!

memorize two meaningful poems.
alright, didn't do it. but can i just give you my favorite poem?

it's in spanish... sorry, but i just love it so much.

read three substantial books.
the glass castle. room. the joy the baker cookbook (count it! and buy it. so good!)

bake and deliver food to four people i don't know.
the other night i made cookies and stealthily delivered them to my neighbors with a note thanking them for being cool. i think this qualifies as "food"?

try five new restaurants.
oh, i so did this! rice. terra mia. bombay house. pizzaria 712. and stay tuned for a separate post on number five. i'm stoked about this one!

leave six quarters on the sidewalk for people to find.
i wemt to the grocery store and randomly tossed quarters on the ground... and i am praying little kids found them and not vacuums and dust mops.

be completely vegan for seven days.
remember vegan week? it was a great time- but i missed yogurtland.

watercolor. make into thank you cards and send to eight nearest and dearest.
it happened at valentines day- i am no artist, but i do love to mix those colors!

make nine new friends.
i've made all kinds of friends via my ward. they're a good group.

overtip a waitress ten dollars.
at kelsey's birthday party at cpk around christmas we had a party of, oh, about thirty, and our waitress was stressed-the-freak-out. i overtipped her. i hope she bought somebody a really great christmas present with it. 

learn to make donuts. give away eleven. use that can of coconut cream somehow.
remember the donut fiasco hailey and i went through that one weekend and were successful? well, lots of those donuts were gifted... and i made delicious coconut rice with that coconut cream. heaven. 

learn to make jam. smother it on freshly baked bread. eat for twelve days.
i didn't make any jam... but i did make pumpkin butter and hummus... and then slathered the later all over some homemade tortillas. mmmm baby!

practice yoga nightly for thirteen consecutive days.
alright, this didn't happen but i DID go to some yoga classes and got many nights of good sleep... which is almost yoga :)

watch fourteen sunrises/sunsets.
fail... own it.

bike fifteen miles.
i did this! in the form of 6 am cycling classes. me and that spin bike are good friends.

travel to one new place. shoot sixteen videos of the experience.
okay, so no new videos happened.... yet. you see, i did, however, start making some big plans for some future travel. some of you already know what is going down, but if you don't. either way, stay tuned for some exciting news.

read the entire book of mormon en espaƱol seventeen minutes a day.
okay so i started this... then realized it was semi-impossible to do in six months. BUT in my living prophets class i've been reading 30 minutes a day from different discourses by living prophets... and modern revelation says that the prophets scripture is most vital work of scriptures soooo.... count it.

leave eighteen meaningful quotes, words on encouragement, praise on cars, sidewalks, doors, elevators.
diana was my accomplice during christmas break on this one. we went downtown and put quotes all over the streets, crosswalks, cars, and handed them to random strangers. golden moments! 

give somebody nineteen extra minutes on their parking meter.
there are hardly any parking meters in utah, i will tell you what. meh.

compliment twenty strangers.
i've been making an effort to compliment people more easily. my job makes it fairly easy, since i talk to tons of people every day. one of my favorite things is to compliment stressed out moms on their cool fingernail polish or rad diaper bags. they like it and afterwards they think we're friends.

make a list of twenty one good quotes to carry with me.

well folks, that is how the cookie crumbles. and after a somewhat crummy day consisting of finding a hole in a brand new shirt coupled with nearly failing a test and a parking ticket, its good to see all the things i actually accomplished! 
tomorrow it's the dawn of adulthood and legality. who wants to go buy a beer?

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